Professional Meditation

One of the many things I love about my job is the relaxing meditative nature of tuning a piano. I’ve learned to be much more patient with my work and not force the tuning with urgency – the harder and quicker I try, the lesser quality and more time it takes to complete a job. Because the nature of the work is so repetitive I am able to allow my mind to wander and foster in depth discourse on topics of any nature. Some broad examples of this would be inventions, innovations and often spiritual questions/pondering.

Here’s one of the spiritual ponderings:

What if every time God set foot on Earth a new name would be given to him? Would he know himself (or herself, I believe god would be androgynous)? If all the splendid clothes were taken away  would the glory be recognized?

When you wake and set your feet on the floor, do you ever question your existence?

C.J.’s Pianos
Chris LaBarre

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