Piano Polish and Cleaning

C.J.’s Pianos primary service is excellent piano tuning but I also offer the invaluable service of cleaning your piano.

The aesthetics of your home are determined mostly by the decor within it. The focal point of any room with a piano in it is the piano. It is nearly impossible to detract from it. The instrument is large and imposing, hopefully it is attracting the right kind of attention.

A clean piano with a fresh finish is very impressive but unless you have a new piano there are likely some imperfections.

Refinishing a piano can cost $2,500-$10,000+ and isn’t within many people’s budget.

I offer case polishing and cleaning which can help keep your piano stay looking great in your home, without needing a second mortgage. This entails covering up minor scratches as well. For $75

If you have a grand piano, dust settling can be a big problem. Especially because you can’t clean under the strings. With my Intensive Cleaning, I get that area clean and I also take the piano apart to clean inside where the hammers are. A clean action works better for longer. I also clean and polish the case for $195.

If you schedule tuning at the same time as cleaning you’ll get a discount.
Tuning – $150
Clean + Polish – $75
Intensive Cleaning -$195

C.J.’s Pianos
Chris LaBarre



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