Hailun HG-151 (4’11.5″)


The 4 ft. 11.5 in. Hailun HG 151 Baby Grand Piano has a suspiringly large tone. Equipped with features rarely found in pianos of its size, it includes full sustenuto, slow close fallboard and duplex scale. The 151 will provide many pleasant experiences for students and performers of all levels.

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  2. Hi ,
    Could you please tell me what is the approximate price on the Hailun 4ft 11 grand piano?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hailun won’t allow me to publish prices due to competing markets across the country and the fact that some business models allow for lower prices. What I can tell you are the prices published in the Piano Buyer Guide.

      MSRP: $22,296
      SMP: $15,864

      I can also tell you that I can beat either of those prices. Either way, you should come play a Hailun to judge its quality – just because I love the instrument doesn’t mean everyone will.

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