Hailun HG-161 (5’4″)


The Hailun 5-foot 4-inch HG-161 grand piano has a nicely balanced tone and very expressive dynamics. It is designed as a professional Grand piano with an amazingly big and rich sound for an instrument of its category. While intended for reduced floor space requirements of smaller studios or home, it is build with all of the features of the larger professional grand piano. The lines of the instrument are elegant by design. The HG-161 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it the perfect small professional piano. Finishes: Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish, Walnut Polish, Mahogany Satin.

Download Specifications

  • All the beauty of a Baby Grand with the power and tone of a Parlor Grand
  • Great voice, sound like you would expect from a 6 foot instrument
  • Soundboard crafted from high quality spruce found in the Alps
  • Hornbeam action
  • Maple Rim and Hammer Rail – Hand notched bridges

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