Hailun HG-178 (5’10”)

Currently offered in store at an unbeatable price!

MSRP: $31,968

SMP: $22,312

Competitor’s Price: $39,598

In Store price: The best deals are in the showroom, I am unable to advertise the sale price as a standard practice of the piano sale industry.

The 5 ft. 10 in. Hailun HG 178 Grand Piano has a rich tone. This piano is built with pride and attention to details. Its warm tones will please students, teachers and performers, and is ideal in a home or studio environment.

This particular model has been sweeping awards in competitions since 2012! This past year it was granted the LEGACY AWARD to make room for other competitors in the future – It is just too good for the competition!

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More info at Hailun’s Website

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