Practicing Student, New Piano

In my home there is a very modest practice requirement for the children; 15 minutes per day.

Any of us who’ve studied music knows that our teachers have always recommended at least a half hour each day, but at the end of the week who has practiced more? The student who practiced once or twice for a half hour? Or the student who only had to find 15 minutes from their busy schedule? My argument for this modest daily engagement is that I would much rather the children look at their music every day for less time, becoming more familiar, than have them cram what they will into a couple half hour practicing sessions that they try to weasel out of.


So at 15 minutes a day, per child, they ought to have an instrument which responds to their creativity. Not necessarily a new instrument, but one which functions well, evenly, and reliable. Don’t let them out of their discipline of practicing each day because “A key they really need for their piece” isn’t working. If you were learning trumpet, you wouldn’t learn if it had a sticking valve. You can’t learn to ride bicycle if the wheel is warped.

Students and professionals play differently depending on the response of the instrument. If it’s not responding properly then your student is not able to progress successfully. This is the primary reason children want to quit. Often they love their lessons and their teachers but the practice isn’t satisfying because the piano won’t sound the way they hear it in their mind- like reading silently then hearing gibberish to the same text.

Now, I know the going rate for piano lessons in this area is around $25-50 for a half hour lesson. If one child is taking lessons that’s a minimum of around $110. They shouldn’t give up because the piano they practice on is too difficult to play. For nearly half the cost of 1 month’s lessons you can have a New Piano! The Hailun 121 can be purchased for just $58 a month. Then you can tell your child they owe you $2 every day they don’t practice for at least 15 minutes.img_20161024_145218738.jpg

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