Piano Rentals

Help your child learn piano by allowing them to practice and play on a quality instrument!

Purchasing a quality instrument for your new musician might be a bit more commitment than you’re ready for at the moment – How about a 2-year engagement?

Students who practice on a good quality, well performing acoustic piano are much more likely to practice, excel, and develop proper performing techniques.
  • Challenging music is more within reach.
  • Hours of hard work are better rewarded.
  • Musicians can hone their personal sound and character.
From the award winning line of pianos, Hailun 121 and HU-5. Perfect for new students and those looking to upgrade from an electronic instrument! These are the best value in pianos on the market today. The perfect investments for your musical success!
All rental payments are credited towards the purchase price of the piano and can be credited towards an upgrade, such as a grand piano.
Comes with:
  1. Hailun Dream Assurance
  2. 15 Year Warranty (best in the industry)
  3. Better Features than most Asian and European Pianos at a lower price point.
  4. Best Rated Asian Piano by American Technicians across the country
  5. Maintained by the best technicians in the area


Rental payments will be credited toward the purchase if you decide to own the piano or trade up to another instrument! For example; you pay 24 months of rent at $100, $2,400 goes towards the purchase of the instrument. Below is a view at the payment calculator. The rentals are based on a 60 month payoff so you can easily transition to purchase.

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