Student Piano Rental – Under $100

Help your child learn piano by allowing them to practice and play on a quality instrument!

Quality instruments are never cheap and pianos are the most complex instrument with over 12,000 parts. The concern most of us have when starting our children on lessons is the concern that in less than a year they might lose interest and quit.

Through discussions with many people across the industry, technicians and teachers included, we’ve learned that students who have only a keyboard to practice on are far more likely to lose interest and quit. The reason I’m offering is because no matter how good the digital is the sound is still someone else’s – you may be able to control the dynamics and get a proper touch/feel but in the end the sound comes from another person.

Clunky, used pianos offer different obstacles for a student. The hammers are old and the parts are worn out. Every musical nuance is a challenge and often the only dynamic the instrument has is some version of loud. Because a student’s finger muscles aren’t as developed they are more susceptible to these challenges and without the experience they do not know how to explain the struggle or, worse, accept it for what is correct.screenshot-2016-11-23-at-2-12-01-pm

Rental payments will be credited toward the purchase if you decide to own the piano or trade up to another instrument!