Piano Rentals

Help your child learn piano by allowing them to practice and play on a quality instrument! $500 gets your piano delivered with in home set-up for a 6-months rental. Students who practice on a good quality, well performing acoustic piano are much more likely to practice, excel, and develop proper performing techniques. Challenging music is…

Meet Chris LaBarre, RPT

The company goal is to make our clients’ pianos sound, play, and look their finest while offering quality customer service. Ever since my humblest of beginnings in 2006 I have been furthering my expertise to provide the best service possible.

New and Used Piano Sales

Now offering 2-year Piano Rentals! In 2015, C.J.’s Pianos had a great reputation for service and decided to take that reputation into providing the local community with excellent instruments. We offer a great selection of new and used pianos- some of the best in the industry! In addition to what is offered in C.J.’s Pianos…

Piano Service: Tuning, Repair, Restoration

C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company and has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Piano tuning Repairs Restoration Call, Text, or Email to schedule service 484-928-0222 cjspianos@cjspianos.com    

Region’s Best Rating!

Thank you for making us the best piano service in the region! Thank you to all our customers!

Piano Sale!

The Piano Line of the Year offers a professional level piano at amateur pricing. Unbeatable!

What to do with an Old Piano

Recently, I had to say goodbye to my old Knabe grand piano. It was still very beautiful to look at but it required constant maintenance and repairs. It was time to move on. Above is the piece of it that I adore having hang on my parlor wall. I don’t have room in my home…

Safe for Little Fingers

As adults with children, we know that at some point there will be more than one child at the piano and that they will argue over who gets to play or what they will play together.

Playing a Whisper

Just about every piano can play mezzo forte or mf. It’s not all that difficult to get a piano to sound as loud as the resonant body will allow. It’s all in the power you can put behind the articulation. The challenge with a piano is creating a soft, intimate sound.

Supporting the Pitch

Many upright pianos and even some grand pianos use only the cast iron plate as a termination point for the speaking length of a piano wire. That particular metal is very hard and brittle which does well enough for enhancing the bright timbre of a note but can be unforgiving when you’re trying to achieve a deep, dark tone. 

Hailun Muffler Rail

Piano technicians are often asked “What’s the middle pedal for?” especially as it relates to an upright piano.

Opening a Hailun Piano

Pianists are the only musicians who do not service their own instruments. Understandably! There are more than 12,000 parts in some pianos! Just because you may not be servicing your own instrument, I think you can know more about the inner workings so that when you want a better performance you know better how to…