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Petrof Pianos



For more than 152 years

PETROF is currently the largest producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe. It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof built his first piano, we have produced under the PETROF name roughly 630,000 instruments and many others within the PETROF Brand Family. Our pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded and romantic tone. Over the decades of their production much has changed, but precise work by hand, careful selection of materials and the unchanging romantic sound endure. Countless famous performers and well-known personalities have fallen in love with PETROF instruments, and the representatives oif the fifth generation proudly continue in their honourable trade and family tradition.


Antonín Petrof produced his first grand piano in 1864, thereby laying the foundations for the production of the masterly musical instruments of the PETROF brand. In the course of a few years he turned a small workshop into a successful factory, which stands in Hradec Králové in the heart of the Czech Republic and Europe to this day. The path among the leading European piano manufacturers, however, was not always rosy …




Yet despite this difficult path five generations of Petrofs have earned worldwide success,. Their brilliantly pure, rich sound and excellent craftsmanship lend PETROF’s grand and upright pianos an unprecedented reputation. 80% of the production process lies in the hands of our skilled pianomakers, intoners and tuners, whose rich experience we have accumulated over many decades. Every instrument that leaves our factory represents the good name of its builders.


Hailun Pianos

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Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen own the Hailun Piano Company. Both were graduates of the Piano Technology School in Bejing where they met and fell in love with each other as well as with the world of pianos. They founded their company together, which was initially co-owned by the Chinese government. The company specialized in producing piano parts and quickly became known as one of the most reliable supplier of highest accuracy semi-finished pianos. Mr. Chen incrementally purchased full control for the company and set his goal to build the finest pianos in the Far East. During that time he met a fourth generation piano builder from Vienna, Austria. Peter Veletzky and Hailun Chen struck up a special friendship and Mr. Veletzky transferred know-how and technology in order to build instruments that would be able to compete with makers in Europe. Hailun Piano Company also invested heavily in Japanese and German digital production equipment and manufacturing lines and is currently employing the newest and most advanced technology available to piano manufacturers.


With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. Hailun’s 430,000 square foot factory now employs over 800 workers and 37 seasoned piano engineers. This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano of choice for thousands all over the world. Since the partnership with Mr. Veletzky Hailun has retained the talents of well-known American piano designer and engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano voicing and sound specialist Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and French scale designer and piano builder Stephen Paulello. These partnerships ensure long-term quality, innovation, and artistic production at Hailun Pianos. With over 360 European piano dealers, over 80 U.S. Authorized Hailun Merchants, over 40 merchants in Japan, and a growing network in other parts of the world, the Hailun Piano Company is a global influence in the world of pianos.

© 2010 Hailun Piano Company.
The Hailun Piano Company draws on expertise and competence centers across the globe to offer pianos that are superbly musical and of profound quality. The Hailun team consists of engineers and piano craftsmen from over a dozen different nations. Each one is recognized as an authority in the chosen specialty of piano engineering. A key quality of Hailun Piano Company is its ability to facilitate and transform theoretical concepts and design into well-built pianos. Our customers will find that Hailun pianos compare favorably to instruments several times their price.

The distribution of Hailun pianos is centered on values of transparency and service. It is the goal of Hailun USA – the distribution company for Hailun Pianos in the United States – that our customers will not only obtain a quality instrument but that they also have a positive and satisfying purchasing experience. We carefully select and train every member of the Authorized Hailun Merchant Family and require him or her to take exceptional care of you. Hailun pianos give expression to the cumulated experience and tonal inclinations of those piano-builders who primarily created them. Our ambition is to engineer and build the best pianos we can.

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Piano Repairs


We do more then just piano tuning!

From minor repairs to completely rebuilding pianos, C.J.’s Pianos offers a service to fit your individual needs. Chris has experience working on every style of piano-Concert Grand, Baby Grand, Square Grand, Vertical Grand, Upright, Console, Spinet, and even Player Pianos- from student to professional models. For extensive work a rental piano can be provided at a discount rate.

If your piano was the victim of a flood, leaky pipes, smoke and fire damage, or any other insurance related issues, we will provide an accurate assessment for the repairs to present your insurance providers.


Piano Restoration

Mastered restoration is our speciality.  We would be pleased to bring your family heirloom back to life.
Pianos that have lost their original beautiful tone and finish can be restored  to perform and look just as stunning as when they rolled out of the factory. The special quality of the antique cabinetry combined with the high tech felts, strings, and leathers that are available today, creates a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. No detail is overlooked as we inspect, repair, and replace as per a thorough checklist marked off through the process.

Music Lessons

Here’s a list of some of the people we recommend for lessons and sheet music:


Piano Studio at Joe Kenney Enterprises – You may have heard Joe performing his latest jazz works around town and what better way to find your own musical voice than with this aural entrepreneur?

The Margarita Genova Piano Studio – Piano Lessons for New and Experienced Students, both Children and Adults. With a lesson studio across the street from Perkiomen Valley High School, Margarita is a classically trained musician with education and experience in performance from the Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts.

Mosaic Music Lessons– Mosaic offers in-home and studio lessons at their location on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, including everything from guitar, piano, voice, strings, ukelele, percussion and electric bass.

Hear & There Music– Owned and operate by Mike McCarthy, this avenue for music education comes right to your door and offers in home lessons in and around Phoenixville!

Valotta Studios – Nadine Valotta is a licensed educator in Chester Springs, the studio has a very talented staff and offers Kindermusik and Summer Music Camp in addition to private instrumental lessons.

Pineapple Music Studio– Private, in-home music lessons by a knowledgable staff. Sarah Burke offers her students public performance opportunities for their current repetiore.

Catherine’s Music Studio – Located in Skippack Village, Catherine offers studio lessons for more than just piano with group activities and in house performances for beginning to advanced students.

Julianna Kocher- A great piano teacher in West Chester and also a talented harp teacher. Formerly taught for the Baldwin School.

Rock & Roll After School – Erin Riley built this school to be an innovative place for students aged 7-18 to explore their musical talents as solo endeavors and group interaction.

Music Stores

Calliope Music Store – Julia either has the music you are looking for or will find it for you. There’s no reason to search elsewhere.

Any time you need to connect with other musicians, check with your piano tuner/technician – they know people in the industry.

Meet Chris LaBarre, RPT

C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company founded by Christopher J. LaBarre, RPT.
The company goal is to make our clients’ pianos sound, play, and look their finest while offering quality customer service. Ever since my humblest of beginnings in 2006 I have been furthering my expertise to provide the best service possible. I build my expertise by actively participating in seminars provided by active membership in the Piano Technicians Guild (currently serving as the organization’s Northeast Regional Vice President), communicating with other experienced technicians, and staying up to date with manufacturer/trade publications.

In June 2014, I bolstered my qualifications by passing the arduous Registered Piano Technician exams. Just because I’ve passed some tests don’t think for a moment I’ll be complacent about offering improving services- there is always something to learn in this field and I’m innovating new techniques and designs to improve the overall piano industry.

One of my big accomplishments for 2015 is the opening of my store in downtown Phoenixville, PA. I’m the area’s only certified Hailun Piano Dealer and I also offer quality used instruments. I would rather offer good used instruments than cheap new ones – the last thing I want is to sell an instrument which constantly needs repair, that’s why I researched the best, reliable new pianos!

Piano Service: Tuning, Repair, Restoration


Piano Tuning

Purchase your tuning now or Buy as a gift! Service must be scheduled within 3 months of your purchase. All manufacturers recommend your piano be serviced 2-3 times annually


C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company and has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability. The Company is run by Chris LaBarre, Registered Piano Technician.

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