Meet Chris LaBarre, RPT

C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company founded by me, Christopher J. LaBarre, RPT.
The company goal is to make our clients’ pianos sound, play, and look their finest while offering quality customer service. Ever since my humblest of beginnings in 2006 I have been furthering my expertise to provide the best service possible. I build my expertise by actively participating in seminars provided by active membership in the Piano Technicians Guild (currently serving as the organization’s Northeast Regional Vice President), communicating with other experienced technicians, and staying up to date with manufacturer/trade publications.

In June 2014, I bolstered my qualifications by passing the arduous Registered Piano Technician exams. Just because I’ve passed some tests don’t think for a moment I’ll be complacent about offering improving services- there is always something to learn in this field and I’m innovating new techniques and designs to improve the overall piano industry.

One of my big accomplishments for 2015 is the opening of my store in downtown Phoenixville, PA. I’m the area’s only certified Hailun Piano Dealer and I also offer quality used instruments. I would rather offer good used instruments than cheap new ones – the last thing I want is to sell an instrument which constantly needs repair, that’s why I researched the best, reliable new pianos!

Piano Service: Tuning, Repair, Restoration


Piano Tuning

Purchase your tuning now or Buy as a gift! Service must be scheduled within 3 months of your purchase. All manufacturers recommend your piano be serviced 2-3 times annually


C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company and has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability. The Company is run by Chris LaBarre, Registered Piano Technician.

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Reason #26

One sure way to drive away congregants is by forcing them to endure a cacophony of sound when they were hoping to hear beautiful hymns (maybe even sing along!)

Getting the sanctuary piano tuned is one thing which should not be overlooked. If the choir practices in a different room and you want them to sing in tune then it might be a good idea to tune that piano as well.

Reason #25

Whether you’re just recording something for fun or if you are trying to be the next YouTube sensation, it all starts with having the right notes at your fingertips. Musicians listening will know the difference between a well tuned piano, something a bit off, and even an electronic keyboard.

Reason #24

Sometimes I forget that this isn’t common knowledge-

Pianos are supposed to be serviced a minimum of twice annually per the manufacturers. This goes way back to before the beginning of the last century. Many companies still say their pianos should be tuned 2-4 times annually, so every six months is the minimum the piano should be serviced.

Reason #23

Sometimes you just need to play out your feelings, whether you’re bitter, upset, or happy that your relationship ended there is a song to play for that emotion.

Reason #22

Arguably not the easiest way to impress a date but even if you write a super cheesy song… if they stick around for you then it might be true love!

Better not risk your opportunity though, make sure the piano sounds great before giving a performance.

Reason #21

Certainly someone will be interested in playing the piano if it’s a larger family gathering. You can sing some songs together, see what you remember from taking lessons as a child, or one of the children can show off their talents on the keys.

Reason #20

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get yourself to sit down and simply play piano again, maybe having the piano tuned will convince you to prioritize that endeavor. You’ll have taken the basic step to getting back into the swing of things – this is a common phone call for us after we ring in a new year but I’ve never subscribed to the idea that one should wait to pick up a good habit.

Reason #19

Even the most used and beloved piano often becomes a collection point for things in the home. In many homes, it’s a place to display photographs, sculptures, and other art. In musician homes, it’s a often a collection of the music being practiced, metronomes, recording devices, etc. All these things must be cleared for the piano to be tuned and since it’s cleared off, it’s a perfect time to dust.

Reason #18

One of the most satisfying things about my work is the little bit of playing I get to do at the end of a tuning. It gives me a chance to check if there’s anything mechanical amiss, but mostly I’ve already fixed those issues and I just enjoy playing.

Reason #17

A cat jumping on the piano is probably going to startle you either way, especially if you don’t have a pet cat,  but at least it will be cleaner and tuned.

Reason #16

I’ve actually received a phone call after tuning a piano because the musician had to relearn the songs he’d been playing – the piano was so far out of tune that all his music was transposed a semi-tone higher!

Reason #15

Once again, the research isn’t conclusive on this, but doesn’t your day go better when everything is in its proper place?

Don’t drink your coffee over the piano, but coffee and music are a great pair!

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