Meet Chris LaBarre, RPT

The company goal is to make our clients’ pianos sound, play, and look their finest while offering quality customer service. Ever since my humblest of beginnings in 2006 I have been furthering my expertise to provide the best service possible.

New and Used Piano Sales

Now offering 2-year Piano Rentals! In 2015, C.J.’s Pianos had a great reputation for service and decided to take that reputation into providing the local community with excellent instruments. We offer a great selection of new and used pianos. Some of the best in the industry! In addition to what is offered in C.J.’s Pianos…

Piano Service: Tuning, Repair, Restoration

C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company and has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Piano tuning Repairs Restoration Call, Text, or Email to schedule service 484-928-0222

Voicing and Regulation

Over the past month I have struggled to explain what it is that I’m doing to a customer’s piano when I talk about voicing and regulation. I’ve worked up at least 3 different ways to explain how I’m making a piano better, more reliable, and more musical. Each description falls short of how wonderful the…

The Cover Songs

Each month I offer a new cover song recording. Here’s what I could find from the archives. The list is up to date through June 2017  

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hailun

Everyone I’ve had try out the New Hailun pianos has very much enjoyed the experience. The key touch, the sound, the price…these are all rather great qualities to admire, but there are some other details you might have overlooked in the experience. 1. Hailun Dream Assurance. The company owners, Mr. Hailun Chen and Mrs. Faye…

Music Doesn’t Make Kids Better at Math & Science

There’s a widely held belief that kids who play a musical instrument do better in other areas of study than children who do not study music. I don’t want to challenge this correlation as there is plenty of research showing it to be true. What I will challenge is the causation. I would argue that…