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“How often should my piano be tuned?”

  • Every piano manufacturer recommends getting your piano serviced 2 to 4 times each year.


  • All Day Concert Service (for the home as well)

    You want more than just an in tune piano. It must be clean and it must play like a dream. During the course of the day, we will focus only on your piano; finessing the touch, voicing the hammers, polishing and leveling strings. Everything which can be done at the piano to ensure your instrument is in the best condition will be addressed. Includes Tuning Service. Takes Approximately 8 hours
  • Half Day Concert Service (For the home as well)

    Tuning is only the basic service a piano needs. The touch and voice of a piano must be maintained to allow you or your musician to make quality music. This service is strongly recommended for those who wish to excel at their craft as well as families getting a jump-start when acquiring a used piano to ensure proper technique is learned early on. Takes Approximately 4 hours
  • Tune and Shine

    Thoroughly cleaning the piano can affect tuning and so it must be done prior to tuning. Your piano is the focal point of the room and should look its best! Tuning Service Included. Takes Approximately 3 hours
  • Piano Tuning

    Stable and Accurate Piano Tuning – Takes Approximately 1h30m
  • Voicing and tone regulation

    Whether you’re playing a concert hall or a practice room, a properly voiced piano will encourage better performance and practice skills.
  • Repair

    Quality, lasting repairs
  • Restoration

    Revive an older instrument in need of a new life
  • Piano regulation

    Make your piano play better than it ever has with a specialist in piano action mechanics

A piano tuner adjusts over 200 strings, one at a time to bring a piano into tune (A440). Piano tuning requires minute adjustments to the tensions of each string of a piano to align the frequency intervals between keys so that the instrument sounds its best. Some of the finest tunings also include slight voicing adjustments to the hammers and action parts.

The organization that sets the highest standards for trustworthy information on piano tuning is the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). C.J.’s Pianos follows the standards set by PTG and Chris passed (with flying colors!) all his Registered Piano Technician exams for certification as an RPT in June 2014.

2 Comments on “Piano Service

  1. Chris has done an amazing job with my Baby Grand Piano. It has never sounded and played, any better. Chris is friendly and personable, who works very well with people. I have recommended many of my students to CJ’S PIANOS , for their piano maintenance. I highly recommend!!!

  2. Chris did an outstanding job with our baby grand piano! We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to have their piano tuned or for further advice on purchasing or restorations!

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