Piano Tuning

Chris LaBarre, RPT
484-928-0222 (call or text)


The current charge for a high quality tuning is $150+tax – This not only includes tuning but also minor adjustments to your piano action. C.J.’s Pianos would rather include extra services in the cost rather than “nickel and dime” you for each minor adjustment.

An honest but slightly poetic description of what we, as piano technicians, do while tuning your piano: We align the higher partials of each pitch to achieve an absolute unison while making perfect compromises for the best interval relationships across the piano.

A piano tuner adjusts over 200 strings, one at a time to bring a piano into tune (A440). Piano tuning requires minute adjustments to the tensions of each string of a piano to align the frequency intervals between keys so that the instrument sounds its best.

The meaning of the term “in tune” in the context of piano tuning is not simply a particular fixed set of pitches. Fine piano tuning requires an assessment of the relationships between notes.  Each piano is different and in practice requires slightly different pitches from the theoretical standards set by machines. Pianos are tuned to a uniquely modified version of the system called equal temperament.

The organization that sets the highest standards for trustworthy information on piano tuning is the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG).  C.J.’s Pianos follows the standards set by PTG and Chris passed (with flying colors!) all his Registered Piano Technician exams for certification as an RPT in June 2014.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bill Lindley says:

    Chris did an outstanding job with our baby grand piano! We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to have their piano tuned or for further advice on purchasing or restorations!


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