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What is the size of your room, which objects do you want to keep in the same room? We can help you make the best selection for your individual preferences.

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Hailun Pianos

Hailun Pianos come with a 15 year transferable warranty and arrive with such confidence that Hailun offers a “Dream Assurance” and will replace it if it does not meet your expectations. 

Vienna Series Hailun Pianos Coming Soon!

  • Hailun HG 218
    • Concert and Recording studio grand piano
    • Offering the most expressive tone pallet and broadest sound spectrum to bring your music to life.
  • Hailun HG 198
    • Great for homes and mid-size concert venues
    • Historically the most preferred grand piano size for homes
    • Uncompromising on performance – touch and tone for success; designed for nuanced and intimate performance
  • Hailun HG 178
    • The perfect compromise between home and concert sizes
    • Beautifully balanced tone; Robust bass and singing treble
  • Hailun HG 161
    • All the beauty of a Baby Grand with the power and tone of a Parlor Grand
    • Great voice, sound like you would expect from a 6 foot instrument
  • Hailun HG 151
    • Sounds bigger than it looks
    • The best choice for a home with limited space

  • Hailun HU 7
    • Best option if you truly cannot fit a grand piano in your home
    • True sostenuto pedal
  • Hailun HU 5
    • Professional studios choose this for reliability and robust performance
  • Hailun HU 1
    • Truly a gem of an upright piano
  • Hailun HU-121
    • Entry Level piano, perfect for someone unsure of their musical interest

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