Bad Pianos bankrupt a musician’s ambition to practice and play. C.J.’s Pianos services and sells pianos so you can make beautiful music.

You need 3 things to succeed at piano:

Most people get the first 2 with no problem

When you do not have a good piano to work with you bankrupt your ambition which leads to less practicing because a bad piano won’t let you succeed. Then your teacher gets frustrated because now you are not practicing. At this point you are ready to quit because you have lost the ambition by putting in time and effort on a piano that would not let you succeed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You only need 3 things to succeed at piano:
1. Ambition
2. The Right Teacher
3. A Good Piano
Most people get the first 2.

At C.J.’s Pianos, we know how precious your time and ambition is. We also know the cost of lessons and the desire to get more from your investment- both in money paid to the teacher and the amount of time spent in practice and rehearsal. Your success becomes our success.

C.J.’s Pianos is the Factory-Direct Technician/Dealer for Hailun Pianos in the Mid-Atlantic – covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the surrounding area. We also have Petrof Pianos available for special order. Our lead technician and owner is Chris LaBarre, RPT – a Registered Piano Technician who has an active role in the Piano Technicians Guild to ensure quality piano service is available for generations to come.

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