Hailun HU-121


The Hailun HU-121 is the unrivaled 48 Hailun professional upright piano. It stands out for its clear, colorful tone, with seamless transitions of sound in all registers of the piano. The powerful and well-balanced sound offers the best instrument playing experience for beginners as well as advanced students. Its lines are elegant by design. The HU-121 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it the perfect mid-size institutional or studio instrument. Finishes: Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish, Walnut Polish, and White Polish (Regularly in bronze hardware).

Download Specifications

  • Entry Level piano, perfect for someone unsure of their musical interest

Easy Piano Service Scheduling

Taking proper care of your piano has never been easier:

  • Schedule a time that fits your schedule
  • We’ll send a reminder the day before so you know what to expect
  • Our technician dedicates 2 hours to improving your piano

If the piano is easier to play and makes a more beautiful sound then it’s more likely to be played. C.J.’s Pianos wants to help you enjoy your piano more and have better success with practice and learning, that’s why we make your piano sound better.

When your service technician arrives they will assess your piano’s current condition and decide a course of action for the next two hours. All these appointments have included tuning. Many recent service appointments have included fixing sticking keys, replacing broken strings, cleaning, regulating, voicing, string seating, and other minor tweaks to improve the instrument.

The important part is that you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our service professionals are dedicated to helping you get more from your piano and will do all they can in the 2-hour appointment to help maximize your benefits.

With more than 12,000 parts and many more moving parts than your car, some of the services that can get over-looked are regulation, voicing, and cleaning. These are often seen as “extra” things to be done, if your car needed new brakes, tires, or a headlight, you know it needs to be done. The difference is that your car is made of metals and other durable materials, maintained meticulously, and likely replaced in 5-10 years whereas the family piano is made mostly of wood and wool with many expecting it to last 50-100+ years on minimal upkeep.

Piano Teacher?

We want to help our clients find great piano teachers to compliment the service we provide them.

When you fill out this form, you’ll be added to our list of teachers we can refer parents and pianists to for lessons.

Choosing a Used Piano

Sorting through the number of pianos offered on the used market is daunting and, honestly, much of it isn’t worth the price of free.

Enter your name and email below, we’ll confirm the right address and send you a copy of our guide “Choosing a Used Piano” for free and help you save time and money getting the right piano for you.

How to Care for Your Piano

Get your free PDF about How to Care for Your Piano. All you have to do is enter your name and email, confirm that we’ve got the right address, and we’ll send the guide.

We always recommend new clients to plan for Tuning + Pitch Correction – even if your piano doesn’t need the extra pitch correction, we can use the extra time left for some light regulation and voicing which will help you succeed at the piano!

Join The Piano Talk

You can become a part of the community helping one another win at the Piano.

Any time you make yourself part of The Piano Talk the community becomes more valuable because the stories we all share are meant to help you succeed. This could be anything from performance opportunities to helping you get your child to practice for their lessons.

This is a private community separate from the major social media networks so that your information isn’t being sold, you don’t need to have a Facebook or LinkIn presence and your piano conversation won’t be juxtaposed with someone’s political tirade.

We can’t wait to learn your story and become a part of your success!

Reason #26

One sure way to drive away congregants is by forcing them to endure a cacophony of sound when they were hoping to hear beautiful hymns (maybe even sing along!)

Getting the sanctuary piano tuned is one thing which should not be overlooked. If the choir practices in a different room and you want them to sing in tune then it might be a good idea to tune that piano as well.

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