Reason #5

When one walks into a room with a piano they cannot help their eyes but to be drawn to the piano. It is the focus point of any decor setting. The piano should be just as pleasing to hear, you wouldn’t want the “memorable” experience of hearing the instrument be one of auditory torture.

Reason #4

Someone else might want to play piano

Putting the horse before the cart

There are times a household piano goes without being tuned because nobody is playing it currently. An out of tune piano is not a very enticing instrument to start playing, it makes an inexperienced player feel that they are what is wrong with the music because they don’t know to blame the instrument sounding off pitch.

Reason #3

If you play the wrong note but your piano is in tune, you can simply say your were doing some jazz improvisation. When you play the correct notes and the notes are not clean sounding and in tune the music just sounds bad.

Sound good even when you play wrong.

Why should I have my piano tuned?

There have been so many times I’ve been asked to play piano at someone’s home simply because the host heard I play and service pianos. Other times I’ve been asked to sit in with a pianist and play guitar and/or sing and I can only apologize because the ensemble can’t work together due to the fact that the piano is out of tune.

Here is an excerpt from a fellow technician’s web site that I thought was wonderfully worded:

  • Why Should I Spend the Money to Keep My Piano Tuned?

  • I’ve been tuning for over forty years now, I’ve heard all the questions and the excuses for not having the piano tuned regularly.

  • Here’s the thing, if anybody in the house wants to play the piano, do it for them. Nobody wants to play an out of tune piano, or one that has notes that won’t play properly. Plus some of your friends, neighbors, guests may play. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been a guest at someone’s home when they find out I play piano and ask me to play. I cringe if the piano is out of tune (or worse).

  • By the way, fixing notes that don’t play properly is not part of a tuning, although many of us will fix one or two without charging extra if it doesn’t take too long. Otherwise we will point out what needs to be fixed and give you a quote. Depending on our schedule, we may be able to make the fixes while we there, or we may need to ask to make another appointment.

  • Particularly if someone is taking lessons, learning music, singing, etc. !

  • Part of learning to play an instrument is ear training. Learning what notes sound like what, hearing how combinations of notes form chords, etc. If the piano is out of tune what the student thinks is the sound of a C chord (three notes played together, C,E,G) is really the sound of a B♭ (if the piano is sorely out of tune).

Reason #2

If a piano is played in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

This reason to have your piano tuned is more important for those in close living quarters or for the other members of your household. Even if you are not bothered by some sour notes the audience will be, even if they are an inadvertent audience.

Affording a Great Piano

Owning a good working piano is very important when students are starting lessons. More than sound and touch, a student has more respect and awe for an instrument they are enamored with for playing. This translates to better quality practice and performance – whether it’s “Mary had a Little Lamb” or a Chopin Prelude.

Use this payment calculator to see how within grasp a quality instrument may be:

We recommend budgeting at least $2,500 for a used piano, figure at least $4,500 for a new piano.

What is a good age to start playing piano?

Different piano teachers will require various levels of maturity and knowledge before taking on a new student. Some require that a student be able to read and write, some believe students can learn to read music before texts.

My children both started just before their fourth birthdays, one of them had the attention span to excel from the start, the other we decided had started before the child was read and therefore took a few months off before starting lessons again. I personally did not start playing piano until I was a junior in College. At this point I’m fairly certain they will play better than I do in a year or so but it does not stop me from enjoying my time making music.

My personal experience is that the time is never too soon nor too late to try playing.

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