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Bad pianos make 80% of musicians quit playing in less than 2 years. C.J.’s Pianos believes all you need is ambition, the right teacher, and a good instrument to succeed, that’s why we make pianos sound better and provide the best new pianos so you will always enjoy the gift of music.

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Our knowledgeable technicians improve your playing experience

You make better music

You invest hours practicing, we want you to get more from your investment.

All the time and effort you invest shouldn’t leave you frustrated with your results

Learning music is proven to instill grit. Approach every challenge with the determination to succeed.

A bad piano can ruin any pianist’s inspiration, even the most novice musician will invest more than 100 hours of practice in a single year. Without ensuring the piano is tuned and functioning at a level for success, musicians will be frustrated with slow progress leading to less playing or even quitting. C.J.’s Pianos makes pianos easier to play so that they get played more and pianists feel more successful. We are heartbroken when pianists feel like they are not good enough because of their instrument. When your instrument is perfect you can make music the way you imagine and achieve your aspirations.