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Reason #16

I’ve actually received a phone call after tuning a piano because the musician had to relearn the songs he’d been playing – the piano was so far out of tune that all his music was transposed a semi-tone higher!

Reason #15

Once again, the research isn’t conclusive on this, but doesn’t your day go better when everything is in its proper place?

Don’t drink your coffee over the piano, but coffee and music are a great pair!

Reason #14

The research might be a little questionable on this one, but I’m willing to participate in the study.

What is certain is that everyone will have a better time listening to the piano while sharing a bottle between friends.

Reason #13

I showed this one to my wife. Maybe it’s just piano technician humor but I must hear this joke 3 times a month:

“You can tune a piano, but can you tuna fish…”

Seriously, we need to find better piano tuning humor 🙂

Reason #12

If he could manage to play a tuned instrument – I don’t want to shame anyone here… {joke face}

While my daughter was learning the Minuet in G I helped her by adding some lyrics:

Bach had a lot of children

He fathered them by 3 wives

And he wrote lots of music so you could play this

It didn’t fit perfectly, but with the right melismas it was sufficient.

Reason #11

If Grandma had the piano serviced regularly, mom or dad probably can play little and hopefully carried the musical tradition to your generation.

Reason #10

Kids these days…

I’ve revived old family heirloom pianos on countless occasions. Did you know, if the piano was serviced as regularly as grandma likely had it done that it wouldn’t need so much today?