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Reason #12

If he could manage to play a tuned instrument – I don’t want to shame anyone here… {joke face}

While my daughter was learning the Minuet in G I helped her by adding some lyrics:

Bach had a lot of children

He fathered them by 3 wives

And he wrote lots of music so you could play this

It didn’t fit perfectly, but with the right melismas it was sufficient.

Reason #10

Kids these days…

I’ve revived old family heirloom pianos on countless occasions. Did you know, if the piano was serviced as regularly as grandma likely had it done that it wouldn’t need so much today?

Reason #9



I’ve had so many tell me they can’t tell if their piano is out of tune or not – but their kids can tell. Inevitably, this will train their ears as well as anyone else in earshot as to how the instrument should sound. When you hear it properly, you begin to expect it properly.

Reason #7

Even if you don’t immediately start practicing more because you prefer the sound of your piano after a tuning, you will naturally perform better because the sound is cleaner and less distracting, allowing you to be more musical. The other bonus is that your mistakes will be more beautiful too!

Reason #6

Beethoven did pay attention to the vibrations of his music which I suppose is another way to realize the music if you can’t hear it properly. He definitely knew what the notes were supposed to sound like as he wrote them down, composers and performers alike use a skill called audiation to know what the sound should be before the sound is produced. When the piano doesn’t match what the performer or even the audience is anticipating it makes for an unpleasant listening experience.

Reason #5

When one walks into a room with a piano they cannot help their eyes but to be drawn to the piano. It is the focus point of any decor setting. The piano should be just as pleasing to hear, you wouldn’t want the “memorable” experience of hearing the instrument be one of auditory torture.

Reason #3

If you play the wrong note but your piano is in tune, you can simply say your were doing some jazz improvisation. When you play the correct notes and the notes are not clean sounding and in tune the music just sounds bad.

Sound good even when you play wrong.