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C.J.’s Pianos to expand operations for West Chester, PA and surrounding communities.

By September 11, 2020No Comments

Bad Pianos bankrupt a musician’s enjoyment and now, after more than a decade of helping musicians in and around Valley Forge, C.J.’s Pianos is bringing their dedication to excellence to West Chester and surrounding areas beginning this Autumn. C.J.’s Pianos recognizes that quality piano service is getting more difficult to find and when it’s difficult to acquire good service pianos get neglected.

“There’s really only 3 things a person needs to enjoy playing piano,” says owner and Registered Piano Technician, Chris LaBarre. “You need ambition, the right teacher, and a good piano – most people get the first 2 and then bankrupt their efforts by struggling on a bad piano.” He also mentions that many pianists struggle to schedule easily and therefore neglect adequate service. “All piano manufacturers recommend piano tuning 2-3 times annually, often our technicians are performing extra work to make neglected instruments sing again.” He said it’s not uncommon to work on pianos which haven’t been tuned in more than five years, “the problem has become more obvious since lessons have moved online and teachers are seeing their students’ pianos for the first time.

There’s only 3 things a person needs to enjoy piano…ambition, the right teacher, and a good piano

C.J.’s Pianos has the solution to this problem and makes it as simple as possible to start enjoying piano again.

  1. Schedule an appointment.
  2. Our technicians provide custom service
  3. You find more enjoyment and success playing piano!

“The greatest pleasure we get from this business is when we see musicians thoroughly enjoying their time at the piano. Sometimes it’s a 5-year-old playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and other times it’s a client’s new album release.” The company’s primary goal is to help more people enjoy the piano.

When bad pianos bankrupt a musician’s enjoyment it’s more likely that musicians will blame themselves for a lack of success rather than recognizing that their piano is not letting them succeed. Welcome C.J.’s Pianos to your neighborhood by going to and scheduling your appointment today.