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Reason #13

You can tune a piano but can you tune a…

Reason #12

If he could manage to play a tuned instrument – I don’t want to shame anyone here…

Reason #11

If Grandma had the piano serviced regularly, mom or dad probably can play little and hopefully carried the musical tradition to your generation.

Reason #10

Did you know, if the piano was serviced as regularly as grandma likely had it done that it wouldn’t need so much today?

Reason #9

I’ve had so many tell me they can’t tell if their piano is out of tune or not – their kids can tell.When you hear it properly, you begin to expect it properly.

Reason #8

They told the host they could not and would not perform on such  difficult instrument. In music performance, every gig is an audition for a future gig. 

Reason #8

I’m almost certain that I’ve worked on a worse sounding piano than whatever you’ve got. I’m also certain that someone will prove that statement to be wildly wrong.

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