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Forever in Tune with C.J.’s Pianos

By April 17, 2023No Comments

We want to help you to continue loving your piano!

Life gets busy sometimes and it can become a challenge remembering to get your piano serviced. C.J.’s Pianos offers a subscription to remove the hurdles of good piano service so the music in your home doesn’t become noise.

  1. Select subscription service
  2. C.J.’s Pianos services your piano twice a year
  3. You sound great playing your piano

When the piano doesn’t sound good, musicians blame themselves first before accepting the instrument needs service. Don’t let a bad piano make you quit.

2 Service appointments Annually.

  • Tuning ($195)
  • Pitch Correction ($100)
  • Basic Cleaning ($35)
  • Seasonal Regulation Adjustments ($100)
  • Fix sticking keys ($35)
  • Pedal Adjustments ($35)
  • Climate Control Maintenance ($35)

$1,070 value for $600 Annually-$50/month as a subscription service

Subscription members can also enjoy discounted prices on additional products such as a new piano, ambient lighting, and climate control systems.