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C.J.’s Pianos is a full service piano company founded by Christopher J. LaBarre, RPT.
The company goal is to make our clients’ pianos sound, play, and look their finest while offering quality customer service. Ever since my humblest of beginnings in 2006 I have been furthering my expertise to provide the best service possible. I build my expertise by actively participating in seminars provided by active membership in the Piano Technicians Guild (currently serving as the organization’s Northeast Regional Vice President), communicating with other experienced technicians, and staying up to date with manufacturer/trade publications.

In June 2014, I bolstered my qualifications by passing the arduous Registered Piano Technician exams. Just because I’ve passed some tests don’t think for a moment I’ll be complacent about offering improving services- there is always something to learn in this field and I’m innovating new techniques and designs to improve the overall piano industry.

One of my big accomplishments for 2015 is the opening of my store in downtown Phoenixville, PA. I’m the area’s only certified Hailun Piano Dealer and I also offer quality used instruments. I would rather offer good used instruments than cheap new ones – the last thing I want is to sell an instrument which constantly needs repair, that’s why I researched the best, reliable new pianos!