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Update on disinfecting and appointment protocol during coronavirus

By March 12, 2020No Comments

Here’s what I’m doing to help stop the spread of coronavirus and because I can’t get to everyone’s piano, let this be a guide for you to sanitize your piano.

I would work from home if I could but the piano service industry really wasn’t built for that lifestyle. By washing and using hand sanitizer, I can prevent myself from spreading the disease and I don’t want to pick it up from anywhere which is why I have been spending extra time on every Piano this week to ensure I am not the reason anyone gets sick.

Materials needed:
Clean cloths (paper towels)
Hydrogen peroxide 3% or stronger
Gloves (optional)

At the keys, Wear the gloves if you have them:

1. Soak the cloth with hydrogen peroxide
2. Gently wipe the keys, leaving them damp for 5-10 minutes.
3. Use a second cloth to repeat the process but dry the keys this time.

Hydrogen peroxide has been a sterilizing agent used by doctors since 1818 and had been tested and is known to disinfect against coronavirus as well as much more difficult to kill pathogens such as rhinovirus.

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