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Easy Piano Service Scheduling

Taking proper care of your piano has never been easier: Schedule a time that fits your schedule We’ll send a reminder the day before so you know what to expect Our technician dedicates 2 hours to improving your piano If the piano is easier…

Piano Teacher?

We want to help our clients find great piano teachers to compliment the service we provide them. When you fill out this form, you’ll be added to our list of teachers we can refer parents and pianists to for lessons.

Choosing a Used Piano

Sorting through the number of pianos offered on the used market is daunting and, honestly, much of it isn’t worth the price of free. Enter your name and email below, we’ll confirm the right address and send you a copy of our guide “Choosing…

How to Care for Your Piano

Get your free PDF about How to Care for Your Piano. All you have to do is enter your name and email, confirm that we’ve got the right address, and we’ll send the guide. We always recommend new clients to plan for Tuning +…

Join The Piano Talk

You can become a part of the community helping one another win at the Piano. Any time you make yourself part of The Piano Talk the community becomes more valuable because the stories we all share are meant to help you succeed. This could…

Reason #13

You can tune a piano but can you tune a…

Reason #4

Someone else might want to play piano

There are times a household piano goes without being tuned because nobody is playing it currently. An out of tune piano is not a very enticing instrument to start playing, it makes an inexperienced player feel

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