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Reason #13

You can tune a piano but can you tune a…

Reason #4

Someone else might want to play piano

There are times a household piano goes without being tuned because nobody is playing it currently. An out of tune piano is not a very enticing instrument to start playing, it makes an inexperienced player feel

What is a good age to start playing piano?

My personal experience is that the time is never too soon nor too late to try playing.

How Often Should a Piano be Tuned?

Every piano maker suggests that their product be serviced 2-4 times annually. The minimum service for a piano is basic tuning. We send reminder emails and follow up with phone calls every 6 months to ensure that you have the opportunity to receive at…

Piano Climate Control

Your piano was a large investment.  As an integral part of a regular maintenance routine by your piano technician, the Piano Life Saver System will help you protect it and ensure many years of trouble free playing and beautiful music.  The Piano Life Saver System is a highly…

What to do with an Old Piano

Recently, I had to say goodbye to my old Knabe grand piano. It was still very beautiful to look at but it required constant maintenance and repairs. It was time to move on. Above is the piece of it that I adore having hang…

Opening a Hailun Piano

Pianists are the only musicians who do not service their own instruments. Understandably! There are more than 12,000 parts in some pianos! Just because you may not be servicing your own instrument, I think you can know more about the inner workings so that…

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