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Hailun Pianos

Hailun Pianos come with a 15 year transferable warranty and arrive with such confidence that Hailun offers a “Dream Assurance” and will replace it if it does not meet your expectations. 

Grand Pianos

Hailun’s highest-end grand pianos command a stage with bold sound and stunning beauty. Each grand piano has a high-gloss ebony polish, birdseye maple trim, top-quality components, and Hailun’s trade secret engineering. Some models are also offered in other finishes, including mahogany, walnut, and satin.

Hailun offers five grand models:

HG 218: Hailun engineered this piano to blend power with delicacy, for maximum tonal range. It is elegant and responsive to even a very light touch. Capable of producing a bold, booming sound on a professional stage, it is still designed to be durable enough for a school or studio setting.

HG 198: The designers of this piano had 20 years of research and design experience, which they relied upon to create the ultimate piano for artistic expression. Its tone is full, colorful – even a little playful. It’s perfectly-suited for composers and lyricists.

HG 178: This piano was designed for warmth. It has a rich tone that feels right in a home or studio. Students and teachers tend to find this piano easy to play, which is the result of Hailun’s famous attention to detail.

HG 161: Although this piano was made to fit a small footprint, its sound retains the boldness of much larger pianos. It is engineered for professional-quality tones within a compact, elegant design.

HG 151: This smaller piano was designed with all levels of students and performers in mind. It embodies the Hailun founders’ philosophy of keeping pianos accessible to everyone.

  • Hailun HU7 / H33
    • Best option if you truly cannot fit a grand piano in your home
    • True sostenuto pedal
  • Hailun HU 5
    • Professional studios choose this for reliability and robust performance
  • Hailun HU 1
    • Truly a gem of an upright piano
  • Hailun HU-121
    • Entry Level piano, perfect for someone unsure of their musical interest