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DIY Piano Cleaning

By May 11, 2016No Comments

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Since I started marketing my specialized service in cleaning pianos, several of you have asked about cleaning the case yourself. I understand this, I love doing things myself, it’s part of what has led my way down this road into piano service. I do have cleaning products which are specific to individual finishes on pianos.

If you use the wrong cleaner on a finish you will damage the visual aesthetic of your instrument. A lacquered finish will have a chemical reaction with many standard household cleaners, completely buggering the finish or even removing it! Polyester and other hard finishes will show micro-scratches and over time create a cloudy finish to a piano which once had a beautiful luster.

Currently, I’m not carrying stocked items, if I receive enough interest I will certainly be your supplier. C.J.’s Pianos is, above all, a full service piano company!

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