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Why Hailun?

By July 6, 2016No Comments

I chose to become the area’s Factory Direct Hailun Dealer before it was available for me to take the position. I tried the instruments and decided it was a great value which should be offered to my clients. As I’ve always relied on a good, strong reputation, this was a carefully vetted decision as there are several other piano manufactures not offered in the Greater Philadelphia market region.

It wasn’t until after I chose Hailun, and they chose me, that I learned how they bolster their global reputation.

Hailun wants you to love their product so much that they will exchange your instrument if for some reason it is not everything you expected. It’s what we call the Hailun Dream Assurance.

Hailun Dream Assurance

Above and beyond that, the company offers the best warranty in the industry – 15 years!

They offered all this before they started winning award competitions for best acoustic piano. Here’s an article published by the competition organization – “The Oyster and Its Pearl”

I could talk all day about the product, but what difference would it make if you’ve never played a Hailun?

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