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What to do with an Old Piano

By October 18, 2017October 31st, 2017No Comments

Recently, I had to say goodbye to my old Knabe grand piano. It was still very beautiful to look at but it required constant maintenance and repairs. It was time to move on.

Above is the piece of it that I adore having hang on my parlor wall. I don’t have room in my home for everything I made from this instrument. Below are a couple other pieces.

This was what I thought I would keep originally, but I decided it can be sold, either as displayed (you supply the drinks though!) Or as a book shelf.

I haven’t decided what this one will finish as, it looks like it could be a great work bench or a rough coffee bar or even another liquor shelf. Another reason why I don’t need another one!

I’ve seen beautiful examples of upright pianos being repurposed in other ways; work stations, flower gardens, shelves, etc.

Not everyone wants this- I know and understand! That’s why we will happily haul away your old piano when we deliver your new one!

Often there are sentimental attachments to a piano as a family heirloom but if you were still using grandma’s washing machine there would be no qualms about replacing it. As beautiful as the instrument might be it needs to be functioning in good condition to enjoyably make music with it. We will give you top dollar for your trade-in and you can hang a photograph of your loved one playing the original piano that inspired you to get a wonderful instrument of your own!